Jay Esfahani, Founder of ARS, Inc.:

ARS, Inc. (Auto Repair Sale) is the culmination of more than 30 years of experience in the automotive technology industry of Jay Esfahani, as well as his knowledge and passion for marketing, advertising, and business planning.

From an early age, Jay Esfahani knew and understood his passion for automotive technology. Perusing his dream, Esfahani graduated from the Oregon Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Automotive Diesel Technology, and has been involved in the field ever since.

Esfahani began working for Kmart as an Auto Service Manager and continued his career at Montgomery Ward as an Auto Express General Manager. With years of management experience, he went on to assist several independent Automotive Repair Centers around the Los Angeles and Orange County area in setting up equipment and establishing their business in terms of sales and marketing. From there, Esfahani became a Marketing Consultant for several large firms, and travelled internationally to create markets for heating and air conditioning units in countries in the Gulf area. Even outside of the automotive industry, Jay Esfahani has extensive knowledge of business and marketing. He created a company that imported products from South American countries and sold them to markets in Los Angeles using advance marketing and advertising techniques. Esfahani extended this knowledge to a growing law firm, where he established and maintained the administrative structure of the company to ensure the growth and development of the business aspect of the establishment.

Since then, Jay Esfahani has decided to combine his experiences in marketing with the cutting edge technology of the internet to share his successes and support Automotive Repair Centers in growing and reaching their maximum potential. The realization of this dream is ARs Inc.


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