We want to support our customers with online presents; therefore we have completed extensive research and spent our timing as to auto repair business & marketing when comes to first steps of online marketing that is your website.

    After all research and investing our time and our investment’s capital the result was the website alone, does not completely provide the traffic to your business. Therefore, we put this package for you on very affordable monthly charges so enable you to connect with your potential customer. We put our marketing software within a website that can give you the following benefits:

  • Customer at your door by just having our marketing software & enrollment of our membership plan.
  • Have and build a website to promote your business online by offering your membership plan.
  • Put your website on the first page of search results for Google and Yahoo.
  • Generate additional traffic to your existing customers and business.
  • Create your traffic, by sending your newsletter, welcoming membership card, Thank you for a card when customer service is completed, and service reminders, to have a repeat customers, promotions & coupons.
  • Create your customer profile.
  • Reduce your marketing and advertising cost. (Internet Vs. Print ads)
  • Provide additional easy services such as allowing your customers to pay online.
  • Manage your business when you are not in your shop, from anywhere, by simply accessing the internet and your website.
  • Presenting your auto center shop visually by using professional photo & videography of your establishment.

All of the above will provide you to have a complete communication with your potential customers.



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